MySafe Locations

Overdose Prevention Society, Vancouver

:The first location for MySafe and our original partner in this project, Overdose Prevention Society ( OPS) was established in reaction to the quickly growing number of those overdosing and dying from a poisoned drug supply.

They are a highly innovative & collective solution to many issues in community health, & their project represents an inspiring example of citizen action in a public health emergency. Their peer-based services are beneficial to the health authority; to the community; & to the participants themselves & ensure excluded, vulnerable & marginalized people to access to health & welfare services. Participation in our Overdose Prevention Site educates peers in:
  • Advocacy
  • Community Governance
  • Innovative Strategies
  • Health Literacy
  • Addressing health & social inequalities
  • facilitators & barriers for scaling up innovations
  • and improving health outcomes through empowerment

ATIRA Vancouver, 2 locations

Atira Women’s Resource Society is dedicated to supporting women and children affected by violence by offering safe and supportive housing and by delivering education and advocacy aimed at ending all forms of gendered violence.  Our work is informed by our understanding that women’s experiences of gender-based violence is central to their use of substances and that understanding the intersections between women’s experience of violence, poverty, racism, gendered patterns of drug use/harms, and lack of support for mothering, are critical to developing programs that are seamless and which increase opportunities for women to keep themselves and their children safe.

    Cool-aid Society, 1 location

    Working with our partners in the Capital Region, we offer life-changing services to adults who are impacted by poverty, colonization, stigma and homelessness. These services include permanent housing, emergency shelter, health and dental care, employment assistance, and social and recreational opportunities.